Moisture Wicking Face Masks with Fabric Technology

Full Elastic  -- Moisture Wicking -- Antimicrobial Material -- Stay Dray Fabric  --  Breathable  --  CoolMax Fabric  --  Face Contoured  --  Nose Bridge 

Why would you wear a home-made soaking wet cotton mask against your skin all day that falls down when you talk or crunches your ears and makes them irritated and raw?  

Our washable and reusable masks address of all of those issues. We are using the latest in fabric technology in the industry. The lining features an Antimicrobial Fabric Lining that is moisture wicking. We also offer an added extra layer of protection with our Cool Max Pro Cool lining.  

No more raw ears from those ear loop masks! Our masks features full-size double elastic straps that goes around your entire head. 


Mask Care Instructions

About The Masks:

The material lining will not lose its antimicrobial properties when washed. This in not an N95 mask. 

Outside material is poly/cotton blend. Do not wear to bed!

Wash: Hand wash with a drop or two of dawn or laundry soap in lukewarm water. Rinse with clean lukewarm water to remove soap. Squeeze between two towels to remove excess water. Hang to dry. Do not machine wash or use bleach.

How to wear: Place one strap over your ear and the other under your ear. The nose piece has a metal piece that is adjustable to the profile of your nose.

The masks can be picked up curbside at: 

KL's Catering

773 West 8th Street

West Wyoming, PA 18644

Please call when you arrive and we will bring the masks out to you. 

Pick-Up Hours

773 W. 8th Street, West Wyoming PA 18644

Our business hours vary for pickups

Monday thru Friday 11:00 to 6:30

Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 6:00

No Pick-Ups on Sunday.